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Company News

Enterprise Support Alliance appointed to deliver workshops across Essex for South East Business Boost (SEBB).

We are very excited to have won the contract to deliver fully funded, 2 day workshops across the Essex Local Authority area for South East Business Boost.

The 2 day, interactive workshops will be free to all eligible businesses and will cover topics such as Digital Marketing, Creating New Products & Services, Project Management, Finance Essentials, HR Essentials and How to Set Up a New Business.

The programme will run all through 2019 and will be delivered by our highly qualified trainers.

Contact us to find out more details – enquiries@enterprisesupportalliance.com

Enterprise Support Alliance Launched

Today marks the formal launch of an exciting new initiative, the Enterprise Support Alliance, an initiative led by Deyton Bell, the Cambridge based economic and commercial development specialists.

About Us​

Supporting enterprise and entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Support Alliance is a not for profit business. This means that any money earned by the business has to be reinvested in our work.