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Develop, deliver and grow.

The Enterprise Support Alliance has been formed to offer entrepreneurs support as they set up and develop business ventures. The Alliance seeks to establish and develop various initiatives designed to achieve this.

The Enterprise Support Alliance will:

We aim to help stimulate interest amongst new entrepreneurs, and to help established business people develop and grow their enterprises. We want to help people from all walks of life, from all communities and of all ages as they set up and develop businesses of all sizes. This could include a young person in education thinking about their future career, a person in work who is thinking about being their own boss, someone presently out of work and seeking a new way forward, someone who is considering a career change or perhaps someone who is newly retired with unfulfilled ambition. We aim to help people develop their entrepreneurial ideas, to find out what is involved in running a business, to avoid the pitfalls and to successfully develop and grow businesses.

Our twin vision of developing and growing businesses is a topic our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of.  We don’t want to follow the ‘same old’ ways of doing things, instead we wish to bring fresh, new energy to the world of business support by working alongside businesses to not just help with their future strategy, but to assist with it’s implementation.

Partnership is absolutely central to achieving our vision and we set out to work with others seeking a shared approach to stimulation and support of enterprise.

The Enterprise Support Alliance is a member of the Deyton Bell Group which also includes Deyton Bell LimitedDeyton Bell Global, and the Regional Economic Alliance.

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The Enterprise Support Alliance is a not for profit business. This means that any money earned by the business has to be reinvested in our work.