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Our Approach

In order to fulfil our vision of both helping more people to learn about and successfully run an enterprise of their own, and to grow the existing base of businesses, we want and need, to collaborate with like-minded organisations and people. We are therefore seeking collaborative relationships with partners so we can work together to make a material and positive difference to peoples’ lives of all ages, both in the UK and abroad.

In today’s world of rapid economic and social change where information and advice is varied, fragmented and often conflicting, people and businesses need access to information and advice that will help them develop their ideas and businesses.

We welcome approaches from other organisations, whether in need of our help or wanting to collaborate with us…below are just a few examples:

  • Local government wanting to set up a new enterprise facility, and/or provide practical help for potential new start-up businesses
  • Business groups or government agencies seeking opportunities to offer imaginative, relevant, helpful advice and support to local businesses
  • Academics seeking insight of and access to the business community
  • Self-employed trainers/advisers seeking involvement with new projects
  • A leader of a project based overseas who wishes to work in partnership in order to tap into the business and enterprise expertise here in the UK
  • A careers teacher or lecturer working in education who is seeking to introduce students to the idea of running their own business
  • Large organisations seeking imaginative, new, and tax efficient ways of developing their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • Trust funds with a mission to help fund projects designed to help people of all ages to set up a new business

We look forward to hearing from professionals wanting to explore relevant issues.

About Us​

Supporting enterprise and entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Support Alliance is a not for profit business. This means that any money earned by the business has to be reinvested in our work.