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Enterprise Support Alliance Launched

Today marks the formal launch of an exciting new initiative, the Enterprise Support Alliance, an initiative led by Deyton Bell, the Cambridge based economic and commercial development specialists.

The Enterprise Support Alliance has been formed to offer entrepreneurs support as they set up and develop business ventures. The Alliance seeks to establish and develop various initiatives designed to achieve this. The Enterprise Support Alliance will develop and deliver enterprise and business support services; coordinate collaboration with like-minded partners from all industries and sectors; establish events focussed on entrepreneurs, enterprise, and business support; act as a single voice for those involved in relevant associated activities. The Alliance will help stimulate interest amongst new entrepreneurs, and to help established business people develop and grow their enterprises. The Alliance wants to help people from all walks of life to avoid the pitfalls and to successfully develop and grow businesses.

Importantly, the Alliance will:

  • Bid, often in partnership with other organisations, for publicly funded tenders to deliver business and enterprise related services.
  • Build a collaborative network of like-minded people and organisations who can support project delivery.

Enterprise Support Alliance Chief Executive Pat Smith said “As a registered enterprise agency and with a team which has a huge amount of knowledge, skill and experience in all the right areas, we can really make a difference. I am excited to be leading such an important initiative and we are already delivering business support services in Essex”.

Deyton Bell Managing Director Chris Parkhouse DL said “I am delighted that Deyton Bell has expanded again and that today we formally launch the Enterprise Support Alliance. This new not for profit wholly owned subsidiary company will enable us to fulfil our ambition of developing a business support service that really helps those who need it.”

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